• Website designs impact

    Many of the designs that we see today is usually influenced by the predecessors of its time. With many of what we see today being part of some form of what is seen in previous and what was once popular websites. It is a sign as to how the format of what was once popular can be reinvented and redesigned to make it popular again. It’s also a profound evidence how what designs that seemingly worked before would eventually lose its grip on public interest and fallout in terms of popularity in place of other designs that could even be based on simpler designs that is still much more interesting according to public opinion. Web Design Malaysia agencies will also note that the impact of the designs is why the trending factors that we see now is a result of these previous designs.

    Social media for instance takes its designs from its predecessors for the most part with many that we;ve seen adopting their older competitors design and reinventing it to suit the needs of their users. MySpace was a completely prolific hallmark of the social media industry which built its design in line with an amalgamation of sites that came before it with chat boxes being similar to Aol Messenger and online music playback from iTunes and napster. Soon Facebook would take advantage of the prebuilt design of MySpace and recreate it with more of an emphasis on the sharing aspect of social media. Youtube can be considered a catalyst of web design for online video sharing sites with its redesigns constantly being adopted by other sites. Sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo are constantly having their own redesigns and even adult websites such as Pornhub also have these designs which goes to show how influencing these styles are.

    To conclude, the future of web designs will continue to persist and in the years following the new styles and designs will come forth and show just how good that designs are ever evolving.

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